Our Investment Management Process - What Makes Us Different

The Investment Management Process – Why We Are Different

It all starts with understanding our investors.  We begin the process by asking the questions required to understand your investment history, your preferences, and your temperament for accepting investment risk.

Our personalized investment suggestions focus on taking as little investment risk as possible to pursue the desired investment return for our clients.  We coach our clients to understand portfolio balance, risk management techniques, tax-efficiency, and income strategies.

We spend significant time making carefully chosen individual security suggestions based on high quality independent research.  We pride ourselves on looking deeper at often underutilized investment options including:

  • Preferred Stocks
  • Closed End Mutual Funds
  • Individual Stocks
  • Lower Cost Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income/ Immediate/ Variable Annuities

We follow up with constant oversight and regular review meetings to ensure your investment positions remain well-balanced and best-positioned to work toward your desired goals.

As independent financial advisors, the success of Atlantic Commonwealth Advisors depends entirely on the success of our clients, and we never lose sight of that.